Local accommodation

We've put together a list of local properties which cater to a variety of needs and budgets. All properties have wifi Internet.

In the table below you can find information on:

  • property type
  • category (for hotels only)
  • air conditioning
  • lift
  • cooking facilities
  • parking
  • distance to the Monash Prato Centre (walking)

Accademia ResidenceResidence-YesNoYesNo1 min
Accanto al CentroB&B-YesNoYesNo5 min
Affittacamere RomaPrivate rooms-YesNoYesNo10 min
Art Hotel MilanoHotel4YesYesNoYes10 min
AWS Ancient Walls StudioSelf-contained apartment-YesYesYesYes8 min
Boutique Hotel EniaHotel3YesYesNoYes10 min
Calamai Riverside ApartmentsResidence-YesNoYesYes15 min
Cambioni RoomsSelf-contained apartment-NoNoYesNo3 min
Casa ToscaB&B-YesNoYesNo10 min
Castle RoomsPrivate rooms/property-YesNoYes
(one only)
Yes2 min
Datini ApartmentSelf-contained apartment-YesNoYesYes3 min
Dimora16Private rooms/property-YesNoYesYes3 min
Dimore in LanaioliSelf-contained apartment-YesNoYesNo1 min
Foresteria San NiccolòResidence-YesNoYesNo10 min  
Hotel GiardinoHotel3YesYesNoNo5 min
Hotel GiugniHotel2YesYesNoYes5 min
Hotel Il GiglioHotel2YesYesNoYes5 min
Hotel PresidentHotel4YesYesNoYes10 min
Hotel San MarcoHotel3YesYesNoYes5 min
Hotel ToscanaHotel2YesNoNoNo5 min
Il Magnolfi NuovoHostel-YesYesYesNo10 min
In Santa Trinita Rooms & ApartmentsPrivate rooms/property-YesNoYesNo5 min
La Casa del PoetaSelf-contained apartment-YesYesYesNo10 min
La Terrazza sui tetti con vista DuomoSelf-contained apartment-YesNoYesNo1 min
La TrinuziaB&B-YesNoNoNo5 min
Le Dimore di Casa MatteiSelf-contained apartments-YesYesYesNo2 min
Mercatale ApartmentSelf-contained apartment-YesNoYesNo2 min
Palazzo Goggi Marcovaldi Renaissance ApartmentSelf-contained apartment-YesNoYesNo3 min
Palazzo Goggi Marcovaldi Design ApartmentSelf-contained apartment YesNoYesNo3 min
Residence ManasseiResidence-YesYesYesNo2 min
Rooms Buonanotte BarbarossaPrivate  rooms YesYesNoNo2 min
Torre Degli Ammannati ApartmentsSelf-contained apartments-YesNoYesNo1 min
Torre del gattoSelf-contained apartment-YesNoYesNo5 min

All information provided here is intended for guidance purposes only. The University makes no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, as to the availability or suitability of the accommodation listed or their compliance with applicable safety and health regulations. Listing of the accommodation providers does not in any way constitute an endorsement of their services and offerings, nor does it in any way restrict your right to engage another accommodation provider. While reasonable effort has been made to ensure the information is correct, details are subject to change. The University cannot therefore accept any responsibility in this regard.