Safety information and code of conduct

(in accordance with art. 26 of D.lgs. [Legislative Decree] 81/2008 comma [par.] 1 lettera b)

Preliminary remarks

The present set of information is drawn up by the Monash University Prato Centre in compliance and fulfilment of the Italian legal obligations to inform and coordinate as provided by art. 26 of the D.lgs. 81/2008, and of all the regulations directly or indirectly connected with it.

The present information is therefore intended for firms and/or independent workers operating inside the Centre, as well as for all visitors and in general anybody, whatever their reason is for being inside the Centre.

The present information on risks does not extend to the risks peculiar to the activity of the contracting firms or of the individual independent workers (comma 3 art. 26 D.lgs. 81/2008).

The present information represents therefore the source from which to draw in order to inform external personnel on the risks existing in the Centre and on the code of conduct to be followed.

The present information will have to be updated and modified every time there are significant changes due to the risks peculiar to the activity of the contracting firms or of the individual independent workers, i.e. changes of such nature that they may give rise to dangerous situations that are not covered in the present version. Furthermore, the present information will have to be updated to satisfy any requirement that may arise from the possibility of hosting events involving specific risk factors.

Because of all of the above, the Employer of a firm called to operate inside the Monash Prato Centre is duty-bound to disseminate the present information (with any necessary addition) to its employees and to any firm he/she appoints to carry out any setting up or dismantling or finishing work, or any other work inside the Centre.

The proprietor of the firm called to carry out work at the Centre is therefore responsible for checking that the safety measures included in the present information are actually implemented by all those who operate on his/her behalf inside the Centre.

The Managers of the Centre, in turn, reserve the right, always and at any time, to prohibit any work deemed to be potentially dangerous for the occupants of the Centre or any work carried out without appropriate safety measures, and also reserve the right to request suitable declarations attesting the fulfilment of safety regulations.

The Centre is provided with an organization of its own to deal with emergencies and has an evacuation plan. Maps indicating the location of fire fighting equipment and escape routes are displayed in a number of places.


The following is prohibited anywhere on the Monash Prato Centre’s premises:

  • smoking or using naked flames;
  • running;
  • drinking and/or eating outside the specifically dedicated areas;
  • stepping or climbing on railings/parapets, shelves, chairs, tables or furniture in general,
  • obstructing, even temporarily, escape routes or safety exits with chairs, desks or furniture in general;
  • impeding the easy reaching of protective equipment and/or the visibility of safety signs;
  • using means of transportations, equipment or fittings belonging to the Monash Prato Centre without previous authorization from one of the managers of the Centre;
  • overloading the electrical system by using extension cords or multiple plugs of one’s own initiative;
  • bringing in dangerous chemical equipment or substances, without previous authorization;
  • entering without previous authorization areas other than the rooms, kitchens and bathrooms that are usually accessible;
  • bringing in gas bottles of any kind;
  • carrying out any working activity on behalf of the firm for which one is operating without the necessary individual safety equipment.

All visitors are invited to check the maps of the Centre showing the escape routes

Any worker carrying out contracting work inside the Centre must always display their identification tag as provided by art.18 c.1 lettera u of D.lgs. 81/2008

Any activity that in order to be carried out requires a departure from the above code of conduct will have to be expressly authorized by the management of the Centre.


Prior to the holding of an event, the regulations set out for this specific purpose will have to be checked and endorsed.

a) The start of any event is subject to the fact that the organizer has checked the areas allocated to the event and is also aware of the location of the escape routes and of the fire fighting equipment to be used in case of emergency.

b) The event organizer will have to indicate expressly by name the person responsible for the event and the latter’s telephone number will have to be provided to the Reception [portineria] of the Monash Prato Centre.

c) Inside the Centre, the tradespeople will have to operate in compliance with all the safety regulations and only using tools and equipment belonging to them or provided by the organizer. Before going ahead with the setting up of the electrical, acoustic and lighting systems necessary for the holding of the event, the installers will have to ask the Centre staff for all the necessary information.

d) Monash staff will not be able to lend or give in use, even temporarily, equipment or tools that belong to them (ladders, screwdrivers, electric tools etc.) to the installers.

e) Any deficiency or fault encountered by the organizer that may prevent the smooth running of the event will have to be promptly communicated to the management of the Monash Prato Centre and, at the same time, appropriate decisions will have to be made.

f) Any request that is functional for the proper outcome of the event will have to be made to the staff of the Monash Prato Centre, avoiding taking personal initiatives.

g) The organizer is responsible both for the safety of the people attending the event and for the behaviour and the actions performed by the people who take part in the event, be they simple members of the audience, technicians or workers from external firms called by the organizer.

h) At the end of the event, the premises that have been used will have to be handed back to the Monash Prato Centre in the same conditions of hygiene and tidiness as when they were taken charge of.


In addition to the code of conduct applying to the visitors of the Centre, tradespeople and suppliers of will have to comply with the following points

a) assess the risks deriving from the carrying out of the planned work, taking into account the need to use means, tools and individual safety equipment suitable to the type of setting up or installation to be done;

b) check the technical/professional qualifications of any subcontractor;

c) comply with the current regulations on hygiene and safety during the carrying out of the work;

d) always wear the identification tag as provided for by art.18 c.1 letter u of D.lgs. 81/2008.


(art. 26 comma 1 lettera b of D.lgs. 81/08)

Vehicles entering for loading and unloading operationsRunning over somebodyDrive at walking pace, if necessary have someone help when manoeuvring
Carrying equipment or furnishings using the liftLift overload and subsequent jammingDo not overload the lift beyond the allowed limits
Carrying equipment or furnishings using the stairsSlipping and fallingCarry bulky loads with the utmost caution. If necessary use appropriate supporting tools
Parking of means of transportation and temporary storage of materialsMaking immediate evacuation or immediate assistance impossiblePark cars and other means of transportation in the allocated spaces. Do not leave materials in such a way as to block or restrict the passage on the escape routes
Walking through the entrance areaFalling (at the same level) – stumbling because of uneven pavingMove with caution avoiding running – pay attention to signs
Standing on landings and going up and down the stairs - handrailFalling (from high up) because of the unsteadiness of the handrailOn landings, do not lean against the railings. Only use the handrail as a help when going up - down the stairs
Ground floor – entering the roomsFalling (at the same level) because of the differences in floor levelsBe very cautious – pay attention to the signs
Setting up of lighting and electrical systemsElectrical – fireUse of equipment compliant with the specific regulations regarding electrical safety, and declaration that only compliant equipment has been used. Preliminary check that what is going to be done is compatible with the existing system. Possible issuing of a declaration of compliance for the system
Accessing the loft or high work areasFalling from high up because of excessive load or the lack of appropriate railingsBefore accessing such areas ask the Centre management for their express authorization
Arranging furniture (tables, chairs etc.)Difficult exit in case of emergencyCompliance with the code of conduct – Compliance with the existing limits for the maximum number of people allowed
Setting up of buffetsFireAbsolute prohibition to bring in gas bottles of any kind or easily flammable substances
Moving bulky equipment, furniture or work toolsBreaking glass panels (the existing panes are easily breakable) – damaging the Centre fittings or furnishingsHandle any bulky item with due caution
Using the terraceFalling from high upDo not lean against or sit on the terrace parapet
Smoking when relaxingFireSmoking is absolutely prohibited inside the Centre and in all its areas under cover and/or in the open (terrace). Smoking is only allowed in the external areas (piazzali) on the ground floor.
Using the electrical system of the Centre to connect PCs – printers or other small appliancesElectrocution - FireUsing multiple plugs or extension cords without previous authorization is prohibited
Generic emergency with the need to evacuate the premisesOvercrowding of the premises – failure to know the location of the escape routes – lack of organization for the management of safety in case of emergencyEvent organizers must be perfectly aware of the maximum number of people allowed in the individual rooms of the Centre and must take care on their own account of the management of safety, unless differently agreed with the Monash Prato Centre

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Revision date: March 7th, 2022