What we do

Our centre is a site for intellectual and cultural exchange, bringing students and academics together from around the world to meet, learn and collaborate.


We prepare our students for increasingly global careers.

We run global education programs in a wide range of subjects, from art, design and architecture to international law. For periods of up to twelve weeks, our students learn through live projects and field experiences, with programs specially curated by leading academics in their field.

We also offer an internship program that enables students to gain practical workplace experience and develop cross-cultural competence and other skills that employers seek.


Our location in Europe makes the centre an ideal place for international research meetings and conferences, deepening connections and expanding Monash University’s international network of research collaborations. Through this network and industry linkages, we are able to tackle global challenges together.

We pursue some specific research themes of contemporary relevance to the city and region, including migration, social inclusion and global movement studies. We're also home to the Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, an international consortium of historians.

Professional education courses

Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences offers professional education courses in emergency medicine management for practitioners from different countries so they can keep learning (after all, the Monash motto is ancora imparo).

School tours

We provide Australian secondary school students with an exciting opportunity to study in Italy and to have a taste of a university environment. We custom-design short programs in Italian language and culture, music, fine arts, history and art history, to suit tour itineraries.

Visual residency

Italy is renowned for the richness of its art, design and architecture. Our visual residency program, which is a collaboration with Monash Art, Design and Architecture, gives Australian emerging creative practitioners an opportunity to engage with this culture.

Why Prato?

Prato from above

In Tuscany's second-largest city, our closeness to the cultural, intellectual and industrial wealth of Europe enriches our programs. We collaborate with European institutions and industry, as well as the local community, in many different ways to bring both depth and relevance to our education and research.

Here our students find an unparalleled study experience, visiting European sites and learning from leading academics, and our researchers meet with other experts and specialists from across the world to tackle global challenges together.