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Information for students

Why do an internship?

Would you like to enrich your curriculum vitae with a professional experience overseas?

Would you like to acquire skills and intercultural competencies that will make you stand out from the crowd?

Apply for one of Monash Prato Centre’s internship programs and get ready to impress recruiters!

By participating in our internship programs, you’ll also have the chance to immerse yourself in the local community and have a first-hand experience of Italian lifestyle and culture.

What will I learn?

The internship projects involve different private and public companies in the Prato area. The skills you will acquire during your internship will not only be highly useful in diversified professional settings but will also enhance your independence, confidence and self-awareness.

Among other things, you will:

  • develop your communication skills
  • gain practical workplace experience to enhance your career opportunities
  • learn or improve your teamwork skills
  • acquire problem-solving and leadership skills
  • improve your organisational skills
  • gain knowledge of employer expectations in a foreign workplace
  • enhance your intercultural abilities

See our testimonials to find out what students and employers say about their internship experience.

Who should I contact?

For details about current internship offerings, please contact the Academic Programs and Internships Coordinator.