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Monash students at European University Institute

On 30 November a group of students from the Faculty of Arts visited the prestigious EUI in Fiesole (Florence).

The group, enrolled in “The European Union from Consensus to Crisis”, was accompanied by Professor Ben Wellings and spent four weeks at the Monash Prato Centre.

The idea behind this excursion was to build connections with the EUI and give students the opportunity to be exposed to world expertise directly relevant to their area of study.

Professor Anna Traindaffylidou (Professor at the Global Governance Programme (GGP) of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies), Dr Paul McDonough (Max Weber Fellow) and Dr Tim Oliver (Jean Monnet Fellow, London School of Economics) answered students’ questions and discussed topics such as the origins of European integration and subsequent legitimating narratives, the politics of the migration crisis and the politics of Brexit from an EU perspective.